Patagonian Style Barbecue

Customers Max and Fiona bought a small lamb last spring. Not only did they make the trip from St. Charles, they carried the lamb home alive, harvested it, and barbecued it over wood.

The couple were kind enough to report back to me and share the story, which I present to you as a recipe and a review.

From Max:

The lamb was honestly the best that I’ve had. As you may remember we processed it the night before without any problems and saved the liver and heart, which we ate, along with the meat. We ended up cooking it whole, Patagonian style, hung on a post at a slight angle, over a fire and coals that we continuously fed over 7 hours. Although the hams took a little longer to cook, we were able to stave everyone off with the chops and shoulders until the rest finished cooking….

The logs are placed on both sides of the lamb, rather than one heat source in the center.

The logs are placed on both sides of the lamb, rather than one heat source in the center. The rib cage is propped open here with corn stalks.


Max. Notice how the lamb is leaned over the heat, rather than upright.


Honestly, though, people couldn’t get over how tasty it was and how little lanolin flavor came through.


Lamb ribs, far from filling, make a tasty meat appetizer.


Definitely looking forward to making this an annual Easter tradition! Can’t thank you enough for all of your help.

The cooking style allows for the basting of your choice.

I’m very grateful to Max for sharing. He added that they killed the lamb by severing the carotid and jugular. During that time, the lamb remained calm and passed quietly. For those looking to harvest at home, that sounds like a considerable alternative to a rifle.

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