Lamb Cuts

Choices Provided

Today:  Customers can purchase whole lambs, choose their cuts, and pay one per-pound rate. Delivery is included to Paris, Hannibal, Palmyra, Quincy, or locations equidistant from Monroe City.

Do you know more people who would like to purchase a lamb? Consider buying as a group and receive a discount for a large order.

Retail cuts: I now offer retail cuts for sale at farmer’s markets, by pick-up, or at scheduled deliveries. As long as I have two weeks notice, I can almost surely provide you with any cut (while lambs are available).

Choosing Your Cuts of lamb

Primal cutsMy recommendation is to  first decide what kinds of dishes you might like to make once you have your lamb. Dishes will likely requires certain kinds of cuts, so it’s best to choose the dishes, rather than fit them to cuts.

Pictured are the primal cuts of lamb–the large sections from which smaller cuts are taken. Though I’ll be glad to accommodate, I’m not currently recommending neck and lower shank cuts. My dorper lambs, being smaller, are less likely to make a suitable neck chop.

Whatever cuts you’d like to have, we can make it happen. See the order form for detailed options. Also see the photo below for more ideas.

For less detailed orders, or for beginning lamb consumers, allow me to lay out a typical order.


  • (Leg) Whole leg/boneless leg
  • (Loin) Loin chops OR Loin roasts
  • (Rack) Rib roast OR Rib chops
  • (Shoulder) Shoulder roast OR Arm chop and Blade chop
  • (Remaining) Ground lamb AND/OR Stew meatAmerican_Lamb_Cuts