Welcome to Border Street, home to regenerative shepherding and forage-based lamb.
We have a mission to revitalize land, community, and human health.
Current product availability: SOLD OUT

Upcoming availability:

Pastured broiler chickens will be available starting around July 10, if not before.

Pre-order whole lambs for March/April 2021 delivery. I will set a deposit rate soon.

Eggs will be available in mid-September, with greater availability in mid-December. Interested in having your own chickens, but without starting from chicks? Contact me.

Other news: Promote-A-Goat expansion plan has been put on hold due to a confluence of circumstances.

Current product availability: SOLD OUT

Offering retail cuts, as well as whole or half lambs, processed-to-order at affordable prices. To learn more about the lambs and myself, or to request an order, please explore the site and feel free to contact me at cary@borderstreetsheepco.com.

Questions? –> FAQ