The Farm

My three sisters and I grew up raising sheep at our home on the edge of town. Those years were full of fun and valuable experience. Sheep all but vacated Border Street as we each left for university. Then I returned.
The new Border Street flock began with 15 ewes in 2013. In 2019, after partnering with my cousin Kody Karr, expanding our land scale and total flock to 52 ewes, I decided to also purchase several more expanding the flock a few-fold.
Today, Border Street Sheep Company consists of more than 170 brood ewes.
We leverage idle and small-parcel lands to not only raise sheep, but to hopefully develop food as medicine.
What we know for certain is that regenerative management of sheep grazing is medicine for our lands. We have seen dramatic changes in forage production, both in terms of timescale and method–we don’t use fertilizers, and we’ve seen sheep grazing lead to elevated biomass production.
This is a farming pattern with the potential to foster immense wealth production, human health, and ecological anti-fragility. We hope you will join us in this mission by purchasing our excellent meat products.

To learn more about the lamb or myself, or to request an order, please explore the site and feel free to contact me.
Located in Monroe City, MO and offering free delivery to Paris, Hannibal,  and Palmyra, Quincy for orders over $200.

Interested in stopping by? Email to set up a time, then follow this link for directions.


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