About the Owner

Hi, I’m Cary Yates.


I grew up on the corner of this small town, raising animals and growing flowers.  For almost as far back as I can remember, I would have preferred to be working on the farm as opposed to being in school. Even in the hours of struggle, farming is a natural education and life I cannot deny.

There were many opportunities for an agriculturalist leaving university in 2012, but I had trouble finding a niche which I didn’t know that I was seeking. I was always looking to get closer to the land, as well as helping people solve big-picture problems.

In winter of 2013, I purchased fifteen sheep from a nearby flock. These dorper-cross ewes were chosen for their breed’s excellent muscle texture and ability to shed their hair coats.

I spent many evenings, after working days off the farm, watching that tiny flock and wondering how I might grow it, and grow a viable business in sheep production.

First, there were five slow years of growth to 30 head of ewes, with excellent lambing performance along the way. Alongside and aiding that growth, was my own growth in “management intensive grazing” and, later, methods known as “regenerative grazing.”

The progress I would see in my sheep, as well as in the plants and soil under my feet, lent me the confidence to expand the operation in spring of 2019.

I saw the opportunity to grow a business, restore farmland, and revitalize community, all through informal partnership and persistence.

For more about why I do what I do, you can click here for a serious read on soil & civilization.