About Lamb

Border Street Sheep Co. raises dorpers and katahdins. These breeds are not as large as traditional breeds of sheep. Lambs mature for slaughter at 90 to 125 pounds, dressing at 48 to 65 pounds. Dorpers are known as a superior lamb meat breed and command a premium at market. The meat is finely textured and, because they carry little wool, have much less of the oily mutton taste that keeps many away from eating lamb.

I grew up raising traditional breeds and grain-feeding the lambs and it is my preference to do so. As a consumer, I enjoy the resulting taste of fattier meats that come from grain diets. And as producer, I value the quicker growth that comes with a grain diet. However, I’m ready to experiment with a fully forage-based diet.

If you’re interested in either grain-fed or grass-fed lambs in particular, please let me know.