When to order? When to pick up?

To be safe, estimate about 20 days for your order to be ready.

All of my processing is done by a nearby butcher. He is very busy, so we need to order (preferably) two weeks ahead of slaughter. Slaughters are on Tuesdays. So, for instance, today is Tuesday, March 11th. It would be best if to have your order in today, in order to slaughter on March 25th. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but it will be necessary most of the time.

So let’s say your lamb is slaughtered on March 25th, depending on how many animals he processes that week, it will probably take until Monday, March 31st for the order to be ready. Of course, it works best for most people to pick-up on Friday or Saturday, as well as for me to deliver. Keep in mind: different order have different prep requirements, so some will take less or more time.

In review: Try to order about 20 days ahead of the time you must have your meat.

I hope that doesn’t seem like too long a long stretch of time. I’m finding it well worth it to work with this butcher. The location and the packaging are great. He’s has been flexible with me so far on order times, and he’ll do a range of cuts as well. Lamb patties, anyone?

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