Question: How do the lambs come? How are they priced?

I received the following questions by email, before the site was up:

Can you tell me the weight of the lamb after processing? What is the price? Do you sell per head, or per pound?
The total processed weight of my lambs about 50% of their live weight (90 lbs), so the meat you receive is 45 to 49 lbs.
To be competitive, I base my prices by the current markets in the region. If I were slaughtering this week, the price for a whole lamb would be about $4.00/lb. So, at that price, you and I would exchange $200 for 50 lbs of processed lamb.  The price will fluctuate, and it will vary with different options, such as delivery. One way to reduce the price of delivery would be to get others to buy at the same time.
I’ll charge a little more for half a lamb, and higher for single, retail cuts.
Another question is, “Do the lambs come on-hoof?”
My answer is: They can. It is my understanding that some traditions require slaughtering and handling to be done by the end consumer. I’m willing to make arrangements to make that possible. When I say “Lamb the way you want it,” I mean, make me a proposition and I’ll try to meet your needs.
The other answer to that question is that I am willing to sell live ewe lambs for stock. I have 3 right now that might be worth a look.

2 thoughts on “Question: How do the lambs come? How are they priced?

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  2. I have purchase lambs here for several years. The prices are great, especially if you go into a store and check out the prices. The lamb is awesome, love it. I gave my neighbor some chops last year, now he is a convert. Can’t wait for the new batch, plus my husband got a new smoker.

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