Promote-A-Goat: Sponsor Regenerative Development

I have spent much of the last year pondering ways to build regenerative models of farm & community—structures and systems that bring eaters and farmers closer together, bringing both parties closer to the land, strengthening both, preserving and building energy in economies.

At some point, one must step out and try something…

Click here to express your interest in promoting goats at Border Street.

Offer extended to Monroe City area, greater St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago, and cities in between, where meat can be delivered affordably.

The addition of goats to our farm operation presents significant potential to raise land-use efficiency and increase animal health through parasite control. Goats will also bring their own special gut flora to the land.

Adding any specie of livestock is a process best accomplished in as few steps—as few purchase and integration events—as possible. So, I’d like for the number of goats I add to the farm to be purchased all at once. Purchasing 20 or more goats (which would be a substantial number) is a little beyond my current range, alone.

I’m opening up this opportunity for people to help advance the process of land

1regeneration that we are undertaking, not only that we may accelerate the rate at which Border Street becomes more resilient, but to offer up a bond.

I hope that anyone who is interested, or commits to taking part in Promote-A-Goat, would make a visit to the farm. Not only is it biologically helpful for the eater to be physically familiar with the land where their food grows, I think it’s essential that consumers in our age understand the challenges farmers face. Moreover, the consumer has a major role to play in supporting farmers in the transition to regenerative methods.

See updates.

This goes far beyond my own interests.

Really—farmers young and old need people to stand behind them, saying ‘I believe in your mission. I believe in regeneration. And I’m going to stand here and prove it.’

Note campaigns like James Rebanks’ (@herdyshepherd1) GoFundMe which brought cattle to his sheep farm and funded trees (an effort boosted by Nick Offerman on Twitter).

Nearly everyone’s budget is tight—farmers’ being no exception. If you’re thinking that our systems of agriculture need overhauling, think about paying it forward to bring about that system. 2

I’m rolling out Promote-A-Goat on the fly. I have located a quality herd of goats for sale. I’ll need to act quickly and develop my offering as I go.

The listed $270 “sponsorship,” for which sponsors will receive the “perk” of a processed lamb or goat, is the average price I have charged for processed lambs for the past few years.

I will guarantee a minimum of 25 lbs of packaged meat per goat, or 30 lbs per lamb, for every nanny goat sponsorship accepted in the promotion. That’s what supporters within the listed geography will receive when the spring 2020 offspring have matured  (late 2020 through June 2021). May 2020 be a prosperous year in which lambs and kids grow large.

Supporters outside the areas listed (see below banner) should contact me. I’m looking forward to sourcing a gift box.

The listed closing date of March 6 is negotiable: I need to know a lot by then I will keep posting here as well as Facebook. When interest grows beyond my immediate contacts, I think I’ll set up a pay system. I will develop a special FAQ when as I get more questions.

Best regards,

Cary Yates


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