Update: July 4, 2012

I’ve neglected posting for the past few months, so I decided it is time that I shared what’s going on.

I’m sitting here at the computer on Independence Day because I’m making a few preparations for tomorrow, farmers market day.

A good friend of mine has lead the way in organizing a farmers market here in Monroe City, and July 5th will be the first day. I’m excited by the prospects for the market, I don’t know yet about the prospects of selling lamb. I will be selling well under grocery store prices to begin with, and sale pricing this week just to encourage more exploration of this fine meat.


The ewes have been grazing pretty solidly for the last month without much attention needed from me, so I got my first good look at some of them this morning. A few are definitely showing their lamb bellies. We’re about 50 days away from first lambing, August 24th.

I’m down to one unreserved lamb (for September+ slaughter), but if I find success in this farmers market, and potentially in others, it could go quickly, and I might have to purchase a few.

As lambing approaches, I’m making preliminary feeding plans for the oncoming lamb crop. In order to have as many lambs as possible ready for Christmas, I’m going to do this: grain-feed all of the ewe lambs, and grass-feed all of the rams. I have found that my rams will gain very well on grass, especially if I wait 2.5 to 3 months to castrate.

Depending on what orders I am able to field, I will grain feed to finish as needed.


I recently calculated some stats on my lambs that I will share.

For the January 2014 lamb crop:

Average daily rate of gain: .526 lbs

High rate of gain: .745 lbs (Dad’s dorset cross)

Low RTG: .37 lbs

For all lambs slaughtered:

Average on-rail yield: 53%

High OR: 56% (2)

Low OR: 49% (2)


That’s all for now. Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY!


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